January 11, 2022

Auto Dialers and Predictive Dialers

What is the difference between predictive dialers and auto dialers? Both types of systems have distinct advantages. The first type reduces the amount of time needed to make outbound calls and allows agents to base campaigns on the potential of leads. The second type stops negative calls and is compatible with existing business systems. They… View Article

January 11, 2022

Call Center Abandon Rate: What It Is and Why It Matters More in 2022

Call abandonment negatively affects customer satisfaction because a customer did not receive the support or information they needed during the time they were able to commit to the interaction. Customers today expect a higher standard in service than before, and businesses are not living up to that standard. According to a recent report, half of… View Article

January 10, 2022

Call Tracking Software Features

Call tracking software is an excellent method to increase your marketing ROI. This kind of software analyses the language of calls to determine whether they’ve been converted to customers or not. It also helps you identify the success of your marketing campaign and improve the effectiveness of your advertising channels. The results of call tracking… View Article

January 10, 2022

Call Center For Small Businesses

When deciding if a call centre is the right choice for your business, you should consider the following factors: Customer service and sales, Workforce optimization, and Cost. Here is a list of the top choices for your business. There are other benefits as well. You should read testimonials if you choose to hire an office… View Article

January 4, 2022

Outbound Dialing: Definition, Types, & Tips to Improve Your Strategy

Time is money. In today’s highly competitive market, sales teams can’t afford to waste their precious time dialing numbers and waiting on unanswered calls, hang-ups, and invalid numbers. Outbound dialing bypasses wasted hold time, freeing agents to connect with real leads. But what exactly is an outbound dialer, and how does it work? This guide… View Article

January 2, 2022

Call Center Software – Which is the Best Call Center Software?

There are numerous call center software options available in the market. In this article we take a look at Nextiva One, Aircall, Dialpad and Twilio Flex. All of these software options are great options but which one will be best for your company? We hope this article helped you make a decision! Have you ever… View Article

December 29, 2021

What is Agent Utilization and How to Improve It (2022 Guide)

Agent utilization is one of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) a call center uses to measure its efficiency. But what is agent utilization? And how can companies improve this KPI? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll examine the agent utilization formula and other factors such as cost per contact, occupancy vs. utilization, and more…. View Article

December 25, 2021

Advantages of CCaaS

CCaaS is a cloud-based call center platform that lets agents work remotely from their homes, is called CCaaS. Its advanced features let business owners to reduce costs and maintain the flexibility to grow. The contact center software can integrate with other business tools such as social media and video telephonephony. Here are a few benefits… View Article

December 22, 2021

15 Key Outbound Call Center Metrics to Track in 2022

In the world of endless chatbots and emails, we might assume that modern businesses rarely make outbound calls to close deals. However, even in the digital era, the opposite remains true. 69% of consumers report that they will answer one or more sales calls, and 82% of buyers will schedule a meeting after a series… View Article

December 20, 2021

Benefits of Contact Center Platforms

A contact center platform that is well-designed and able to handle your needs for a call center can be a fantastic solution. It has advanced ACD and IVR capabilities as in addition to flexible reports and support for omnichannel call centers. RingCentral Contact Center has over 40 functions, including intelligent routing and voicemail routing, outbound… View Article