November 1, 2021

Boosting Call Center Workflow Efficiencies Using

Boosting Call Center Workflow Efficiencies Using Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

How Call Center Workflow Management Impacts Profitability

Two call centers can send the exact same type of calls to the exact same type of buyer. While one has low CPA and high conversion rates, conversely, the other suffers from high CPA and low conversion rates. 

Why is that? 

Call center workflow management can make a significant impact – for better or worse – on your CPA and conversion metrics. As marketers and call center managers become aware of the importance of streamlining call center processes and procedures, the impact of a call center workflow software on your bottom line can become apparent.

Most call centers work with multiple legacy systems and business processes piecemealed together over years of process model changes. Often, these processes are the result of the ebb and flow of organizational improvement fads – reactive measures more than anything

With rising costs, tightening regulations, and decreasing connect rates all acting as increasing barriers to running a profitable call canter, it’s now more important than ever for call centers to be proactive in maximizing close rates while eliminating inefficiencies.

Call Center Workflow Management Tool is a simple yet effective cloud-based call center workflow management solution. Specializing in bridging together marketing, sales, and call center operations, saves your call center agents time and increases their productivity – while also reducing operating costs. 

  • Customizable, precise call validation 
  • Filter out low-quality data 
  • Dial out on large numbers of prospects at once
  • Boost agent efficiency and reduce time spent chasing leads
  • Turn outbound dials into inbound connected calls
  • Test and compare scripts, IVRs
  • Schedule pre-qualified warm inbound calls in advance 


Common Call Center Workflow Mistakes

It can be easy to fall into the trap of inefficiencies and redundancies in your call center operations due to a myriad of reasons: a weak technology stack, poorly trained or demotivated call center agents, or incohesive data, just to name a few.

Below are a few common call center workflow mistakes that many marketers and call centers make:

Dialing out on poor quality leads 

Failing to filter your data can easily trap your agents in the cycle of dialing out on poorly vetted low-quality leads, chasing uninterested or unqualified leads, and facing endless rejection. Expect low conversion rates, demotivated agents, and high agent costs.

Inefficient technology stacks 

From Twilio to Five9 and all the other software that is used in daily operations, call centers are reliant on their software to work. However, call centers often have technology stacks that can be improved; whether it be outdated or subpar technology, poor use application, or often, simply being unaware of the right software on the market for their unique use case. 

Problems such as clunky integrations, spotty reporting, and difficult-to-navigate systems disrupt workflows let leads fall through cracks and drive up unnecessary costs.

Over-reliance on live agents 

Tasks from speed-to-lead outbound dialing, lead follow-up, call scheduling, script adherence, and calculation of optimal timing can be done more efficiently and cheaper with machine learning AI technology. Automation eliminates the risk of human error, lag time, and can significantly cut down on call center operating costs.

Lack of reporting 

The first step to driving improvement is to be aware of deficiencies in your call center workflow. Without comprehensive, real-time reporting that gathers performance data and metrics across multiple channels, it’s easy to operate none the wiser of inefficiencies in your call center operations. 

What Call Center Workflow Software Can Do For You

Maximize your leads using powerful technology solutions that drive conversions and lower your CPA. Separate your call center from the others through simple yet effective software designed to help call centers bolster workflow efficiencies, retain leads, and provide the quality control necessary over your call center.

Accelerate your lead performance in the following ways:

Boost Contact Rates with a Powerful Dialer

Selecting the right dialer is the first step to improving the state of your outbound calls. In fact, an intelligent autodialer should be the cornerstone of your technology stack. Outperform manual outbound calling with an autodialer’s expansive outreach and be the best in speed-to-lead metrics.

An impactful dialer goes beyond outbound calls and SMS.’s autodialer is backed with powerful AI capabilities has features such as:

Smart dialing patterns and follow-ups’s machine learning algorithm automatically calculates optimal dialing patterns. Leads are dialed out at the most statistically optimal time that they’ll be reached, and we also calculate the optimal number of times to follow-up.

Automatic DID management

Avoid bad numbers and beat call blocking technology with hands-off DID management features. Our proprietary technology calculates how many numbers your operation requires and ensures your calls are reaching your leads.

Data validation

Filter out bad data before it’s dialed on. Cut out spam and foreign/out-of-state numbers, invalid email addresses, and out-of-service numbers to help ensure you reach the leads you contact. 

A/B testing

Easily test and compare script and IVR performance across campaigns.

Pre-dialing, call scheduling, post-call SMS

A versatile dialer provides value beyond just one stage of the lead journey. Bolster your call impact through SMS features that help move your leads through the sales funnel and close sales.

pre-call SMS

Monitor Comprehensive Performance Data in Real-Time

All your data and reports, in one place, in real-time. Comprehensive reporting ensures you always have clear insight into your call center metrics

Seamless integrations with your other call center systems ensure a complete holistic report of your campaign performance. Structure call center processes and procedures with all the data you need to make decisions easily accessible. 

pipes reporting

Peace of Mind in Compliance

A focus on compliance should always be a top priority within your call center workflow. 

Pipes has a proprietary suite of validation services to help call centers practice safe dialing and messaging outreach with the confidence of remaining within the bounds of consent laws and regulations. Active intelligence automatically adjusts dialing and texting to ensure compliance – no manual adjustments needed

  • TCPA compliance
  • STIR/SHAKEN compliance
  • State laws
  • Cross-channel DNC scrubbing
  • Lead validations
  • Jornaya, TrustedForm integrations