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Autodialers – Everything you need to know about them

What are autodialers?

Why are they so important in any lead campaign?

Let’s find out.

Auto Dialer – Definition


An auto dialer is an electronic device or software (in most cases) that dials a list of phone numbers. Call centers are usually the ones to use this type of technology.

It’s also utilized in companies that need to contact customers using a fast and efficient method.


Since the auto-dialer can dial several numbers at the same time without human interference, it can reach more people than conventional methods.


Autodialers – Types of dialers


There are different types of dialers, like Preview, Predictive, Power and Progressive dialers.


Each one offers a unique feature and approach.


preview dialer

Preview dialers allow companies to make outbound calls with key information before placing the call. With this method, agents can get valuable insights prior to the call.

This increases the chances of offering a better experience when they’re talking to the customer.


In a sales environment, they’re able to provide relevant information to the sales agent to increase the chance of closing a sale.


predictive dialer

Predictive dialers are outbound platforms that work more efficiently with a large database of leads or phone numbers.

Using an algorithm, they can “predict” the best moment for a customer to answer the phone and connect it right away with a live agent.


They also take into consideration factors like the average handling time (time an agent spends in a call) and waiting time between calls, so an agent doesn’t spend much time without handling a call.


These dialers are super effective with the proper outbound configuration.


power dialer


Power dialers are an automated dialer that dials once an agent finishes with a call and it’s ready for the next one.

These types of dialers are used when each phone call counts and the center has a small team. In other cases, it’s utilized when the center doesn’t want the caller waiting in line for too much time for the next available agent to answer.


progressive dialer


Progressive dialers are very much like Preview dialers, the difference is that Progressive dialers shows more information about the customer and have a slower pace.


A great example is a contact center that calls customer that has or had an inconvenience with the company. The operator can check all the details regarding the issue and plans accordingly on how to handle the phone call.


They are also used in sales environments, where the sales agent can take more time in each call and it’s not pressured to handle an elevated amount of calls.


Autodialers – Process


Once the dialer starts calling phone numbers it may do several actions depending on the result. With technological advancements, an autodialer can determine if the call is answered by a live person or not.


Depending on the auto-dialer software configuration, it can perform several actions.


If it’s not able to contact a person, it could one of the following actions:


  1. Call again immediately
  2. Call later on that same day
  3. Reschedule the call for another date and time that the system may consider that has a higher chance of contact
  4. Disable the phone number from being called again
  5. It could leave a Voice Message on the Voice Mail


In the case that it’s able to contact a person, the results can be the following:


  1. Play a recorded message without any special feature
  2. Play a recorded message with the ability for the person answering the phone to press a button on the phone keypad. This could be used to conduct polls, customer satisfaction surveys or to follow up on customer service or tech issues.
  3. Transfer the call to a live agent for a sales promotion or a customer service issue.


Autodialers – Advantages


Using an autodialer has very clear advantages to the company or contact center.


  1. It can dial a great quantity of phone numbers at the same time and it can be configured to the specific needs of each company.


That way if you have a small team of people that can handle a certain number of phone calls in a specific moment, you won’t overwhelm them or leave customers that answered the initial call waiting on line for too much time.


  1. It can be quickly escalated to your specific needs.


If you have more people to handle more phone calls, the auto-dialer can be easily configured to make more phone calls.



  1. Autodialers with robust features can provide useful insights and data about the phone numbers being dialed. With the proper statistic, you’ll be able to prepare a better strategy.


You could find out be that most customers are available at a specific time of the day. That you need to call them at least 2 or 5 times to get in contact with them.

You can also find out if your calls are reaching voicemail or you’re dialing a lot of invalid numbers.


Autodialers – Disadvantages


The auto dialers offer a few disadvantages.


  1. It can burn a lot of leads if it’s not handled properly. If the dialers aren’t configured properly it may generate more phone calls than the center can handle. This can result in a bad customer service experience.
  2. It can frustrate customers. There’s not a worse experience than receiving multiple phone calls from the same company over and over.


Since dialers are software programmed to get in contact with a person, they will continue to try until they succeed. In the case that a phone number isn’t able to answer, it will continue to call depending on the configurations.

In other cases, after an agent gets in contact with the customer and gets the information that they needed, the system could dial the customer again for the same information provided to the previous agent.


  1. The company could get penalized. Auto dialers are subjected to rules that are imposed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).


Companies can get finned if they do not comply with the limits of the use of automatic dialing systems and certain technical requirements. This is thanks to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA).


This is why is so important to have a TCPA approved dialer.


Final Thoughts


Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is a new technology that’s improving the way we live. The contact industry has been changed thanks to this. You can get the benefits of the dialers mentioned above without many disadvantages.


Pipes offers a convenient solution to contact your leads. It makes several validations before calling the leads.  It tests new outbound scripts that can improve your contact rate. Therefore converting more leads into sales.


Get in contact with us today to learn about this platform. Pipes is TCPA compliant, minimizes dial attempts, continually optimizes the dialing pattern and it’s an easy tool to use.