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Everything you need to know about Inside Sales

The purpose of any business is to provide solutions to a customer problem.

Whenever you complete the process of convincing a customer into getting your solution to their problem, this is called a sale.

Today, let’s discuss what inside sales are.

Maybe you’re thinking that these are sales made from the interior of a building or location. Let’s explore that concept a little bit more.


What are inside sales?


Inside Sales is the process in which a Sales Rep goes in the endeavor of prospecting, following-up and converting leads into customers.

This is all made from a remote location (from the point of view of the potential customer) or in other words “within an inside location”, typically an office.

Instead of a sales representative having a face-to-face conversation with a decision-maker, it’s done over the phone, email, SMS, or even through the internet (social media platforms, chats, etc.).

Inside sales has become the preferred sales method for sales representatives in B2B, SaaS and a variety of B2C industries.


It’s effective and efficient


The beauty of inside sales is that it’s effective and efficient.

It’s effective because sales representatives take their time with each customer. They don’t follow a strict script, meaning that a sale depends on the ability of the inside sales representative.

With this approach, they’re able to guide the potential customer through all the key benefits of the product or service. They have the time to build a true relationship with the customer and to receive great insights and feedback.

It’s efficient because sellers don’t need to waste any time going from one destination to the other to present the product or service. Instead, they can invest this time calling another client.


Inside Sales isn’t Telemarketing


Inside sales are different from telemarketing since telemarketing focuses on handling the highest amount of calls in less time possible.

This strategy works well in scenarios like simple customer service inquiries, like billing or payments, and tech support for easy fixes, like, a remote controller not working properly, or to replace a piece of damaged equipment.


Customers prefer the Inside Sales Method


The people at SalesBenchMarkIndex, reveal useful insights from different surveys, one of them was that 75% of times, the customer didn’t want to spend time on a face to face meeting. They prefer to be engaged in different ways.

59.9% of customers want to be engaged over the phone and 12.2% of them online.

Also, by eliminating travel time, the sales team can become up to 150% more efficient.

Customers also have the opportunity to connect with a sales representative in a more beneficial way to their business. They’re able to an honest conversation about their expectancies, insights, feedbacks, and actual problems with the inside sales rep.

This level of connection will make the sales rep consider the problems or needs of the potential customer to be their own. This way the sales rep can communicate all the necessary information to the pertinent departments to improve and look for new business opportunities within the company.

It’s a win-win situation


New tools are available each day


Inside sales representative can always improve their performance. The best way to do it is with the appropriate tools.

According to Linkedin Sales Report, top salespeople cite sales technology as key to their success.

One of those technologies are predictive dialers.

The predictive dialer is able to dial a list of phone numbers and whenever the dialer detects a human voice it transfers the call to the next available agent immediately.

The problem with Predictive Dialers is that sometimes they can be really expensive and aren’t efficient, wasting great sales opportunities. Configuring them and making the proper adjustments can take some time.

For a few of these reasons, businesses look for a faster and more convenient solution.

This is the perfect scenario for Pipes.


Pipes Solution


Pipes is a lead engagement platform that improves the process of contacting customers.

It’s an integrated solution that’s able to get in contact with all your possible costumers while following all the TCPA guidelines.

Pipes is so easy to configure, that you’ll have it up and running in minutes.

Pipes takes the strengths of Predictive Dialers but with more powerful features.

Thanks to the A.I. learning machine it will find the optimal dialing pattern. At the same time, it will validate all your leads so that way your business starts receiving high-quality sales opportunities and not busy tones.

Another great feature about Pipes, is the ability to test new scripts and voice talents quickly. This allows the marketing or other internal departments to run new tests in order to improve conversion.

And the best part is the detailed reporting that can be configured to display the essentials analytics that decision-makers need and also the ability to see very detailed stats for analytics agents.

A good inside sales team can make a difference to your business if they have the right tools. Take your team’s productivity to the next level with Pipes.