Pipes - the VOICE

Optimization Platform

Split test outbound scripts in seconds.

Increasing your contact rate means more sales.


Be More Efficient With:

Contacting Leads, Reaching Customers, Surveys, Call Backs, Welcome Calls, Reorders, Special Offers, and Updating Account Information

The proprietary software is really simple to use.

Increase Connect Rates immediately.

Test new scripts and voice talent quickly.

Minimize dial attempts.

Leverage AI to continually optimize dialing patterns.

Suppress DNC/duplicate/invalid leads.

Effective Reporting that can enhance marketing spend and CX.

Consistent UX vs. call center – We never go off script.


When is the last time your properly split tested an outbound script?

Odds are you haven’t.

Simple and Easy to Use

Setup campaigns and tests in minutes, not kidding!

Effective Lead Validation – Real Time feedback with lead vendors.

Easy data ingestion process – API and CSV.

Test Multiple Pipes – Unlimited script options.

Report Dimensionally on Connect Rate – SubID, Pipe Flow, creative.

AI Powered Dialing Algorithm – Machine learning / always improving

Highly Scalable – millions of leads per month being processed.

TCPA Compliant – Vetted by multiple TCPA attorneys.

Custom Validations – E.g. your DNC file.

Secure – Data stored on AWS (custom HTTPS & VPN available)

Work smarter not harder with Pipes

Try us out!

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