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What Metrics Were You Evaluated Against While Working In A Call Center And How Did You Achieve Them? (FAQ)

Call Abandonment and Wait Time

While working in a call center, you may have noticed metrics like average call abandonment rate or average time in queue. A high percentage of these can be an indication of agent productivity issues. Another indicator of an agent’s performance is the average time in queue, or ASA. This is an important metric because it shows the average time it takes an agent to answer a customer’s request. Ideally, you should strive to minimize the number of times that customers wait to speak to someone.

Average Problem Resolution Time

The average duration of an interaction is another metric that can help you understand your effectiveness in the call center. This metric is used to evaluate the length of time it takes a customer to resolve a problem. The goal is to provide a quick and easy resolution to each customer’s query, but there are many factors that can increase the overall time a customer spends on the phone.

Average Interaction Time

Average interaction time is a common metric. This measures how long an agent takes to complete a phone conversation. This includes the time it takes to initiate the call, the time spent talking with the customer, and any follow-up tasks. The average length of a phone conversation is an important metric for call centers when determining the right staffing levels. In addition, it is also useful for measuring the number of calls that an agent makes in a day.

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