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February 8, 2020

Analytics and Reporting for Call Center Metrics

The abandonment rate is the first step in determining how efficient your call center is. This metric indicates the percentage of calls that end without a resolution. A good benchmark is zero call abandonment. However, it is possible to achieve an 80% abandonment rate if there are a lot of things you need to do…. View Article

October 4, 2019

Analytics and Reporting of Call Center Metrics

The average wait time is the most basic contact center performance indicator. This metric is used to measure how long it takes a customer to resolve an inquiry. High service levels ensure that customers are quickly connected with the right person and that problems are solved quickly. If the average wait time for a call… View Article

February 8, 2020

Benchmarks for Call Center KPIs by Industry

First response time, which measures the agent’s response time to customers’ inquiries, is one of the most important metrics in call center performance. This measure also ties in with the average volume of calls in the center. A high average call handling time can indicate that agents are taking too much time to answer the… View Article

February 7, 2020

Call Center Agent Productivity Metrics

Call center agents are responsible to answer customers’ questions and provide excellent service. This can be a difficult task. You’ll need an evaluation of your call routing strategy to make sure your agents are meeting customer satisfaction survey goals. You can also track how many calls you have completed, the average time on hold, and… View Article

October 3, 2019

Call Center Agent Scorecard – How to Measure Call Center Performance

Besides sales numbers, there are other important metrics that can help a call center improve its performance. The average handle-time is the first. This metric is used to determine how long agents spend working on each task and whether they are on track to reach or exceed their quota. It is important to remember that… View Article

October 21, 2019

Call Center Customer Attrition And Retention Rates

The Customer Retention Rate of a call center is an important indicator of the success of the service provided by the contact center. In addition to customer retention, a high CVR also means that the customer is likely to return. Retaining customers is easier than acquiring new customers. Typically, a salesperson will only have a… View Article

October 5, 2019

Call Center Efficiency Metrics- Call Center Productivity Formula

There are many methods to increase efficiency in your call center. The following tips will help you improve your performance. You can increase your occupancy rate. This number shows how many agents are occupied during a call. High occupancy rates are a sign that agents are overworked. They take too long to pick up new… View Article

October 3, 2019

Call Center Metrics Analytics And Reporting Best Practices

Call center metrics can be a great way to measure your business’s growth. This metric can be used to measure your business’s progress, depending on what goals you have. If your goal is for all calls to be answered within two minutes then a high average hold-time can indicate that agents are not performing as… View Article