April 5, 2021

Pipes Scheduler: Turn Outbound Dials into Inbound Connected Calls

pipes scheduler

If leads connecting to your call center are irate, impatient, or even just preoccupied, then bad news: you have already started your sales process off on the wrong foot. If this is a recurring pattern, that doesn’t bode well for your conversion rates. Pipes’ new Scheduler feature helps ensure that calls that connect to your call center start off on the right foot, right away. Here’s why it’s important, and why the Pipes Scheduler should be a tool in any marketer’s toolbox.

The Problem

The timing of when you reach your leads is important and can make the difference between a close (great!) and your agent receiving a verbal dressing down and getting hung up on (not so great). And yet all too often, when call centers dial out on leads, leads are too busy to talk, have their guard up, or are on edge as soon as they hear a call center agent on the other end of the line.

Not only does this negatively impact your conversion rates, it impacts staff morale over time as well. Being on the receiving end of countless “no’s” and verbal abuse is a quick recipe for employee burnout and presenteeism, a pervasive problem in the call space in particular.

Pipes’ new Scheduler feature ensures that even your semi-lukewarm leads are warm leads by the time they are connected to your call agent, and that calls start and end as a positive interaction.

How Pipes’ Scheduler Works

Pipes’ auto dialing Scheduler calls ahead to get the friction points of a sales call out of the way before your live agent gets connected. The Scheduler takes care of the boring details of a call so that once leads are connected to your call center, your agents can simply focus on having a fulfilling conversation and a smooth, efficient sales process.

  • Removes redundancy – confirms and verifies lead information so that it doesn’t have to be repeated with a live agent (i.e. name, applicable campaign(s), date of birth, address, etc.)
  • Call scheduling – IVR messages allow leads to select a callback time or be connected to a live agent right away
  • Data passing – passes data through integrations so call center agents have the relevant data in front of them as soon as a call connects

By allowing Pipes to take care of the friction points of your call, it ensures that your leads get on the phone with your agents prepared to talk, reducing the likelihood of leads:

  • Caught unawares
  • Becoming irate that they are being contacted by a “telemarketer”
  • Reluctantly picking up the phone already prepared to reject
  • Too preoccupied to speak
  • Becoming impatient with the information verification process

Why Pipes?

The Scheduler feature isn’t the only thing Pipes has to offer. Pipes comes together as a marketer’s easily scalable super-agent. All too often, a good chunk of leads are lost during the handoff process from marketing to one’s call center. Pipes acts as a bridge during this process to ensure that the leads you bring in have the highest chance of closing.

Pipes automates your outbound calls to optimize marketing investments by getting the highest rate of return for every marketing dollar spent. Using automation software, Pipes turns outbound dials into inbound connected calls for a fraction of what a marketer would otherwise pay.

Features Pipes offers:

  1. Customer engagement – Call, text, or re-market to new or existing leads.
  2. TCPA compliance – Fully compliant with TCPA regulations.
  3. Reporting – Track metrics and performance instantaneously. Your reports can be as simple or detailed as you need it to be.
  4. Information validation, scrubbing – Validate emails, phone numbers, scrub litigators, lawyers, and incorrectly formatted leads.
  5. Integrations – Pipes has integrations and web hooks designed to keep your data moving seamlessly and agile.
  6. Split testing – You’d be surprised as to what seemingly small details can affect the success of your campaign drastically. Pipes allows users to split test different aspects of their scripts to see what works and what doesn’t.

Training and retraining call center staff is a costly and time-consuming endeavor, but Pipes takes the unpredictable variables out of human behavior with our AI technology. While the cost of simply picking up the phone may cost dollars otherwise, Pipes ensures that your rate of return on your marketing spend, along with your engagement rates, are optimized by magnitudes of scale.