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Jornaya LeadiD: Ensuring Consent in your Marketing

At, we know how important consent-based marketing is for our customers. That’s why we offer an integration with Jornaya: to give you a centralized place to manage your campaigns, to help you launch your campaigns safely, and, most importantly, to ensure you remain TCPA compliant at all times. 

This article outlines what the Jornaya integration is, how it works, how to use the Jornaya integration within, and how we’ve designed it to optimize your lead generation experience.

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Autodialer for TCPA Compliance

Automate your calls while staying compliant with TCPA regulations. Pipes meets all standards of TCPA compliance, and offers a wealth of industry-leading features and integrations.

What is Jornaya?

Jornaya specializes in behavioral data and compliance through its products such as LeadiD.

Jornaya’s LeadiD:

  • Captures consumer consent and behavior;
  • Offers a unique 3rd party certificate that verifies consumer consent;
  • Is an indication of a high-quality lead;
  • Provides lead buyers with a transparent history of each lead.

The Jornaya Integration

Jornaya LeadiD is a valuable and necessary tool to use in the lead gen world. Unfortunately, it’s also possible to fake a Jornaya LeadiD – something that some unscrupulous lead brokers have been known to do. As such, unsuspecting lead buyers can (and have) run afoul of TCPA regulations after dialing out on fraudulent leads. 

Our integration with Jornaya enables direct, real-time communication with Jornaya itself – protecting you from accidentally buying leads with fake certificates without your knowledge.’s integration with Jornaya is two-fold:

  1. Jornaya / LeadID Authentication – Turning this on will verify that the Jornaya LeadiD exists in Jornaya’s system. This is like a bouncer at the door checking if the ID is valid or not, and does not validate anything beyond that this is in fact a real Jornaya ID.
  2. Jornaya / LeadiD TCPA Audit – Turning this on will verify and claim the Jornaya LeadID, ensuring that the lead passes multiple checkpoints for TCPA compliance.

Jornaya assigns a unique identifier code to each lead that comes in with LeadiD. Once your leads are filtered through the Lead Optimizer, “pings” the Jornaya database to ensure the code within Jornaya matches the lead that you have. 

  1. If the code doesn’t match, we reject the lead, ensuring that will not dial that specific lead. This also gives you insight into the type of quality of leads your publishers are passing to you. 
  1. If the code matches, will then audit the lead once more through our Jornaya / LeadID TCPA Audit filter, ensuring that your leads have given proper consent by checking the TCPA language against contrast and visibility, while also taking a video of the entire encounter.

If any of these fail, then will reject the unwanted lead.

How deep do our protection levels go? If you’ve completed the Jornaya / LeadID TCPA Audit,, while using Jornaya’s TCPA Guardian Audit, will pull a video of the consumer filling out the web form with their information upon request, should you get a TCPA complaint.

Jornaya LeadiD: Ensuring Consent in your Marketing Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

How You Benefit

Ensuring compliance for you and your business is among our top priorities at 

The Jornaya integration is vital to remaining TCPA compliant in your campaigns. provides an easily accessible control panel for your campaign management in one place, legal peace of mind, and saves you money on fraudulent leads – all with a low-cost, effective integration.

That’s just one step to making sure you remain compliant within our system. Pipes also hosts a full suite of features and integrations dedicated to compliance that stands out from other outbound call solutions. With Pipes, all the compliance tools you need are in one place, so you can have confidence your dialing campaigns and SMS campaigns are operating in compliance with TCPA. 

Our suppression and integration features are optional, and can be effortlessly used or adjusted to fit individual requirements and risk comfortability. Enable this with just a click of a button!

  • High-risk number scrubbing
  • Phone type validation
  • Email validation
  • Phone number validation
  • TCPA consent date check
  • Time zone checks
  • DID management for Compliance

Grow your business with consent-based marketing.

Ensuring Compliance For You and Your Business

With’s industry expertise and proprietary technology, we give our users peace of mind that their campaigns remain TCPA compliant, and act as a safety net against bad calls, accidental TCPA violations, and more. 

TCPA compliance is more than a checkmark item, and Pipes was built with TCPA as a forefront focus that differentiates us from other products on the market. Don’t leave the safety of your company up to chance! 

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