October 20, 2019

Are you giving justice to the leads you worked so hard to generate?

pipes image

Lead Generation is a 3 headed beast and each part requires its own set of planning and testing to make the whole thing work.

If you are a professional marketer, chances are you’ve spent some time, or maybe a lot of time, getting into the weeds on parts 1 and 2. Part 3 however…well, I’ll get to that in a minute.


Part 1, Your traffic!


This could be paid media like Google Ads, Facebook, display ads, or even SEO efforts.

Either way, I’ll bet you worked really hard and are still working really hard to get high-quality traffic to your website at a reasonable cost.

Chances are you’ve tested a lot of different ads, messaging, strategies, and angles until you found something that connected with your audience and worked.

There is no failing there is only learning!


Part 2, Your website!


The amount of time and testing you can do on your website is limitless.

Do you hardcode it? Use a system like Unbounce or Clickfunnels?

Do you layer on something like Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer? Headlines…colors…calls to action…phone numbers…graphics….descriptions…fonts…OH MY!

Just like your ads, if your website is converting well right now, you probably didn’t just get lucky.

In other words, you probably tested a lot of different ideas and factors, against a lot of different traffic sources until you made it work.

Finally, the leads are rolling in at a reasonable cost per acquisition.

Are you done testing and learning?


Enter Part 3, lonely neglected part 3.


The goal of most lead campaigns is to ultimately get someone on the phone, who is interested in your business and close a sale.

While there are a multitude of ways to follow up with your leads, if your ultimate goal is to get them on the phone…makes a lot of sense to call them right?

After all the hard work you put in optimizing the messaging in your ads and website, shouldn’t you put an equal amount of effort into the messaging when you finally call that lead?

Are you putting as much effort into optimizing your outbound messaging as you are into your traffic and website messaging? Probably not….

With Pipes.ai, there is finally an easy, fast, automated way to test part 3.

The higher you can get your connect rate on these leads, the happier your sales team is gonna be.

Additionally, you are going to see a higher yield on those leads you worked so hard to generate.

Even a few simple tests with Pipes on your scripting and voice talent can lead to dramatic improvement.

In conclusion, don’t just move your leads down the line and hope for the best, start testing, start improving, and let us pipify your campaign today!