October 20, 2020

5 Steps to Improve your Outbound Scripting

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A good script is one of the most important factors to the success of your calling campaign.

You could have the best call center reps, top voice talent in the industry, or the best offer your company can afford, but if your message isn’t being conveyed properly, you’re doomed to fail.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you write a better outbound scripting campaign.


Outbound Scripting Tips:

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid!


Overly complicated messaging quickly loses the attention of your audience.

Let’s be honest, all of us are constantly on the move and rarely do we have the time or interest to sit down and listen to someone’s sales pitch.

A short, concise but attention-grabbing script will go a long way compared to a lengthy, complicated message. Go ahead, try split testing it in Pipes!


Sound Real


This may sound cliché, but this mistake is made more often than anyone cares to admit.

It’s easy to write a script that reads well on paper, but when performed by a live human or a voice actor, that same script can quickly go sideways.

Treat your script like you are speaking to another human being…because after all, isn’t that what we’re doing?


It’s OK to not have an offer!


Many people forget to realize this one simple thing.

Sometimes it is perfectly okay to not provide a discount, give something away, or shower your leads with enticing opportunities.

Being straightforward can go a long way, especially if you believe in your product. With Pipes, a simple split test will tell you if your offer is working or not.


Be Creative


Don’t be afraid to try new things! For most companies, changing the call script is a total pain in the a**.

With Pipes, you have the freedom to change your scripts within minutes.

Don’t be afraid to try something wacky, unique, or out there…you never know, it could resonate!


Test, Test, Test


Data is king when it comes to optimization. Just because your one script has been working for months, does not mean it is the optimal solution or delivery.

Keep tweaking, keep changing, keep testing. There is always room for improvement.

Following these 5 tips will quickly improve your outbound scripting and performance. After all, it’s worked well for us!

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