October 9, 2019

Outbound Call Center Metrics to Track

Outbound Call Center Metrics to Track Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

call center metrics to track

The average call abandonment rate is one important call center indicator. This KPI does not give specific details about individual agents, but it does give an indication of the collective productivity of the entire call center. A high average call abandonment ratio is a sign of something is wrong. If a high percentage of calls are abandoned within seconds, then there is clearly something wrong. The industry has a common formula that calculates the average call abandonment.

First Reply Time

Another important indicator is the first reply time. This is the time taken by an agent to respond. A quick, personalized response by agents will leave a positive impression on customers and improve the operation of the telephone center. Customer satisfaction is directly related to a faster first response. The average first response time is a good indicator of how quickly agents respond to inquiries. It is also an important metric for call center personnel.

Average Hold Time

Another important metric to consider is the average hold-time. This is an indicator of the average length of a phone call. A high average wait time will reduce agent efficiency and reduce call volume. Every call center manager should strive for a very low average hold time. This measure can help managers understand how long the average wait time is for customers and how to manage the workload. It also indicates how efficient the agents are at their work.

Conversion Rate

Another important metric to track is the conversion rate. The conversion rate refers to the percentage of calls that connect with an agent. This can easily be calculated using a standard converter rate. To ensure that callers reach their goals, a call center’s abandonment rate should not exceed 3%. A high abandonment rate can also indicate the need for improvement in a call center’s performance. There are many other metrics you can track in a phone center.

Another important metric to track is average call duration. This measures the time it takes for an agent to help a patient. This metric is calculated by multiplying the average call length by the number of answered calls. This metric gives an indication of how long it takes for an agent to answer a customer’s question. If the number is high, it means that the agent is not correctly addressing the call.

Call abandonment is another important indicator to monitor in a call center. This metric indicates the percentage of abandoned calls by agents. It is closely linked to Customer Satisfaction (or Service Level). If customers are not satisfied with your services they will switch to another provider. This metric is vital for the success of an outbound call center. It will boost its ROI and increase the engagement level of its audience if it is high.