January 20, 2020

How to Improve First Contact Resolution in Your Phone Center

How to Improve First Contact Resolution in Your Phone Center Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

The First Contact Resolution rate can impact your bottom line more than any other KPI. It is difficult to measure quantitatively and agents may not be able to self-report first-contact resolution. Surveying customers to determine resolution rates is not an option. ACD data can be used or multiple calls to a specific number within X time. Speech analytics is another promising method, which can measure the percentage call resolutions within a given time.

High first-contact resolution is critical for cross-selling or upselling. It can also improve customer retention. Additionally, a high first call resolution rate can help businesses grow their customer base. This is because a failed first-contact resolution can cause a customer to become disengaged or abandon the process. Stella Connect clients report that a low initial contact ratio can result in missed opportunities costs and operational expenses.

First Contact Resolution has the goal of solving a customer’s problem within the first interaction. A high FCR rate is an indicator of a great customer experience, and a good solution can help your business gain a competitive edge. FCR can help you create a better customer experience, and increase sales. You can improve your company’s First Contact Resolution by following a few easy steps. Start by requesting a free trial.

Next, you need to determine your FCR window. It is a good rule of thumb that the customer should be available during business hours and that you only offer the solution if it is necessary. For example, if a customer contacts the office at 2:00 pm on Wednesday and the phone center responds at nine o’clock on Thursday, the first contact resolution is still considered an FCR. If the customer does not resolve the issue within the specified time, the call is considered a missed opportunity.

Customer satisfaction is closely related to first-contact resolution. Customer satisfaction can be measured using the percentage of first-time interactions which are resolved successfully. First-time customer contact resolution will not only improve customer satisfaction, but it will also decrease customer defections. This will also increase your transactional Net Promoter Score. It is also a good indicator of customer satisfaction. If you provide the best service possible to your customers, it can mean the difference between a good or bad day for your company.

Customer satisfaction is directly tied to the first-time resolution of a contact. SQM research found that the average customer satisfaction rating for a contact center is 0. The higher the FCR the better. It also influences the cost per ticket. Even if the ticket is not resolved by the agent, it can still increase. It can also improve end-user satisfaction. The cost of a ticket is closely tied to the first-time resolution.