October 3, 2019

Call Center Metrics Analytics And Reporting Best Practices

Call Center Metrics Analytics And Reporting Best Practices Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

Call center metrics can be a great way to measure your business’s growth. This metric can be used to measure your business’s progress, depending on what goals you have. If your goal is for all calls to be answered within two minutes then a high average hold-time can indicate that agents are not performing as well. As a guide, use the average wait time to improve your call handling speed.

Measuring Adherence Rate to Agents’ Schedules

Another useful indicator is the adherence rate to agents’ schedules. High adherence rates indicate that your agents are working efficiently and focusing on customer concerns. For this, many call centers aim for an 80% adherence rate. Other productivity measures include the number of calls each agent answers per hour. The productivity numbers may fluctuate due to seasonal call volume changes or shift changes. This is why you should also consider other metrics.

First-call resolution rate indicates how quickly an agent can answer a customer’s question. Second, managers can track how many calls each category is receiving by monitoring the average waiting time. A customer satisfaction score can be used for monitoring employee morale and improving it. You can also generate graphs, charts, and other metrics automatically, which you can present to the team. The important thing to remember is to use accurate formulas and tools to generate your own custom call center metrics reports.

Monitoring Agents’ Productivity

Good call-center metrics analytics and reporting system should also include a tool to monitor agents’ productivity. It is easy for people to get lost in a sea of metrics and lose sight of what really matters. This way, you can create easy-to-understand reports that your team can use for reflection and motivation. This report can then be shared with the team. These steps will help optimize the performance of your phone center.

Metrics Improve Overall Business Success

Your business’ metrics are critical. They can make or break a call center. Your customer will be unhappy if you have a high average processing rate (AHR). A high abandonment rate indicates that your service does not deliver what the customer expects. A high average abandon rate can indicate that your employees are not making the right impression for your customers. In addition to AHR, customer satisfaction metrics may also include key drivers and trends.

There are many other metrics that can help you improve your business, including those mentioned above. You can use this method to measure agent productivity by subtracting their total work time from their scheduled time. You can also use schedule-adherence metrics to improve your workforce management ROI. Your dashboard will also show you how many agents are working according to their schedules. It will also let you know how often agents are available to answer customers’ inquiries.