January 20, 2020

How To Improve Metrics At A Call Center?

How To Improve Metrics At A Call Center? Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

A key part of improving the customer experience is determining how long agents are on the phone. Too many agents on the phone can lead to a low productivity KPI. To determine how long agents are on the phone, measure their average hold time. This metric gives the call center manager insight into the length of calls and can help manage workload. It is also important to measure agent performance. To improve agent productivity, establish a benchmark for each role.

Identify customer service issues. Call volume is an important metric because it tells you how many agents are on the line. It’s important to monitor call volume to know when to scale up. Monitoring average agent response time on the phone is another metric to track. For the most part, a high-quality call center KPI should be lower than 80 percent, but it’s important to understand that every customer experience is different.

Increase efficiency. The customer experience is directly related to the quality of service. Metrics provide valuable feedback to the management, enabling them to provide targeted coaching to agents. Although metrics are useful for making decisions about the future of a business, they can also sour the staff’s morale and hinder efforts to improve. By measuring these metrics, you can make smarter business decisions. You can increase the number of agents while keeping costs low.