October 27, 2019

How To Quantify Call Center Metrics?

How To Quantify Call Center Metrics? Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

Measuring Average Handling Time

How to quantify call center metrics? Identifying the average handling time (AWT) is an essential first step. It shows how long it takes to answer a customer’s question. Ideally, your AWT should be below 30 seconds. A shorter AWT means agents can handle fewer calls, and higher FCR means customers are getting the right care the first time. For your business, this metric is an essential one to track, as it will help you plan for increased staffing levels.

Measuring Average Resolution Time

The average resolution time (AHT) is an important call center metric. The shorter the AHT, the higher the customer satisfaction. It is counter-intuitive for agents to rush through calls, but it is imperative for call center success. The average resolution time is the total number of calls answered and divided by the number of calls received. In order to find out whether the average resolution time is too long, compare it to the national average.

Measuring Average Number of Calls per Agent

Another important metric to measure is the average number of calls per agent. A high level of agent availability indicates a busy center. Low availability can indicate a lack of staff and a higher volume of calls. However, low availability could be a sign of a lack of resources. This is an effective measure of how efficient your call center is, since it will let you know how many customers you have handled and the amount of money they generated.