October 1, 2019

Common Call Center Metrics & the Call Center Productivity Form

Common Call Center Metrics & the Call Center Productivity Form Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

Call volume is one of the most important metrics when evaluating your call center’s performance. This is a key metric in determining staffing needs. Managers may underestimate the number and end up overworking their agents or putting customers on hold. This is not just a wasteful way to spend money, but also inefficient. While some call centers offer self-service, others provide monitoring tools that help to detect system issues and improve processes.

common call center metrics

Measuring Average Handling Time

Another important indicator for evaluating your contact centers is average handling times. The customer experience is an important factor for any business. It is therefore imperative to reduce average handling times. This metric is crucial when evaluating the effectiveness of your agents. This metric indicates how many customers were successfully resolved within a certain time period. It is a good indicator of the agent’s performance, regardless of if the call was answered successfully.

Measuring Agent Availability

Another important call center indicator is agent availability. This metric measures how many calls an agent answers during a period. Most call centers have an adherence goal of 85% to 90 percent, which means agents should be available at least 54 minutes each hour. This number is not a good indicator of agent productivity, but it can give a rough idea of agent performance. A high percentage of active and waiting calls is indicative of a poorly performing phone staff and a high chance of customers leaving a company.

The service level is a measure of how many calls an agent answers in a given time period. This metric can often be correlated with peak hour, which is an important metric when analyzing the effectiveness of a phone center. Managers will be better equipped to manage their staff if they know how to measure this metric. They will know how much time agents are required to answer calls and if they are overworked or not.

Measuring Service Level

Another common call center measure is service level. This is the percentage response rate for calls within 30 minutes, one hour, or one month. It can be used for determining the efficiency of your phone center. A minimum of 3% services is desirable. This will ensure that every customer is satisfied. This will allow you to maximize your agent’s productivity. Service level score is a critical metric to evaluate the effectiveness of your call center.

Another metric called average wait times measures how long customers sit on hold before they are connected to an agent. This metric is important for outbound call centers and should be kept low by most businesses. However, it can be a sign that your call system is too slow or too long. If it takes too long for customers to reach agents, they will likely move on with another company.