February 3, 2022

Call Center Auto Dialer Systems: Everything You Need to Know in 2022

Call Center Auto Dialer Systems: Everything You Need to Know in 2022

The days of call center reps stuck constantly manually dialing customers and leads are over. With technology touching nearly every aspect of business operations, it’s no surprise that cloud-based auto dialer solutions can positively impact the efficiency of outbound call centers.

With the right call center auto dialer system, businesses can now open their own operation instead of relying on outsourcing and focus on increasing conversion rates through increased dials. Overall, auto dialer systems allow call centers to streamline outreach practices, remain compliant, and reduce negative calls.

Ready to learn more about how auto dialer software helps call centers scale and what platforms to invest in? Let’s dive in for more information!

What is a Call Center Auto Dialer System?

43% of consumers prefer call centers that simplify and streamline customer service. To help with the process, organizations can invest in auto dialer software to automatically dial telephone numbers for call center agents. Once the recipient answers the call, the software will connect the customer to a live agent or play an interactive voice response (IVR).

Call Center Auto Dialer Systems: Everything You Need to Know in 2022 Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

Typically, businesses use auto dialers for sales and customer services calls, and due to the simple implementation and low costs, organizations can get it up and running immediately. Auto dialer software helps call centers become more efficient by sequentially dialing through an extensive outbound call list and handling large call volumes while agents work on active calls.

To get started, here are a few different types of calls that auto dialers can do on the center’s behalf:

  • Business development and lead generation calls

  • Follow-up calls

  • Appointment booking and reminder calls

  • Cross-selling and up-selling calls

  • Customer service calls

  • Market research, surveys, and feedback calls

What are the Outbound Dialer Software Benefits?

68% of consumers are more likely to work with a company that offers fast and quality customer service. With an auto dialer system, businesses can efficiently run call centers and focus on the customer’s needs, instead of spending all day on trivial tasks that take too much time for agents to complete.

Call Center Auto Dialer Systems: Everything You Need to Know in 2022 Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

A few essential benefits that the software can provide organizations include:

  • Improves overall efficiency and productivity

  • Increases dial rates, talk time, and quality communications

  • Reduces agent idle time

  • Provides better agent management and monitoring

  • Decreases negative call results like voicemails, no answers, or dial tones

  • Boosts conversion rates through improved customer service

  • Builds a reliable customer database for better campaign management

  • Personalization tactics for different customer segments

  • Ensures compliance regulations

In comparison, traditional manual dialers rely on the agent to make individual calls and update the records after each call. Often, this leads to reduced call volume per agent and talk time, which could result in poor customer service scores from accounts.

How to Track Call Center Success Rates with Auto Dialer Technology

Before investing in a new technology platform, it’s essential to ensure you have the right call center metrics and KPIs in place to measure the campaign’s performance. Here are a few metrics to measure to help your center thrive:

  • Answer success rate (ASR): The percentage of connected calls vs. the number of attempted calls

  • Average handle time (AHT): The time it takes for reps to complete a call

  • Occupancy rate: The number of time agents spends on calls compared to idle time

  • Calls per agent: The number of calls each agent completes in a day

  • Hit rate: The average sales per agent compared to the number of calls

  • Call abandonment rate: The total number of calls abandoned while accounts are on hold

  • Cost per call: The sum of operational expenses divided by the number of calls

Once you’ve selected the right metrics, you’ll need to monitor the performance carefully and optimize the campaigns as necessary to increase results. Additionally, it would help to set monthly benchmarks that follow industry standards to help track progress and close more deals.

Does Investing in an Auto Dialer Platform Make Sense?

When looking to grow an outbound call center, leveraging software that allows reps to become more efficient and bring in more revenue to scale is crucial. If the organization is still considering manual dialing against auto dialing technology, here are a few signs that investing in a new platform can help you grow outbound efforts:

High Outbound Call Volume

Even if your business is not engaging in telemarketing practices, an outbound auto dialer assists a variety of industries to help maintain large call volumes. For example, the software serves businesses in the following sectors:

  • Political campaigns for prospective voters

  • Patient follow-up calls

  • Banking information or debt collectors

  • School closings and weather updates

  • Real estate investing

An auto dialer allows businesses to make these calls quickly and maintain marketing campaigns to increase results. By not forcing reps to dial numbers and write reports manually, teams can be more effective in converting leads and delivering better customer experiences.

Losing Track of Customers and Data

If your organization is manually dialing records, you’re most likely missing key valuable customer information, analytics, and feedback to help improve the campaign’s effectiveness. Most auto dialer platforms offer CRM and customer integration data to record which calls were answered, connected, and resulted in a conversion. This allows you to streamline and document the overall effectiveness of your campaigns to optimize future initiatives.

Too Much Agent Downtime

If reps take too much downtime between record calls, an auto dialer technology platform calls multiple numbers simultaneously to ensure agents are taking live calls more often. With most software, businesses can import lists, select numbers to call from a campaign, and choose the desired number of calls per agent to help increase overall productivity.

The Types of Outbound Dialer Software Available for Enterprises

If your business is ready to invest in technology for your call center, there are multiple types of automated dialers available depending on the business’s needs and objectives. Here are the four main dialer types to get started in the selection process:

1. Preview Dialer

Preview dialers provide contact record information for call center agents automatically before calling the customer or prospect. By providing account data ahead of the call, the agents can review past communications, issues, or account activity to better prepare for the upcoming conversation.

Additionally, the agent can skip accounts on the list or customize the calls based on specific sales or marketing campaigns. If your business deals with more complex sales cycles or doesn’t need to follow a script, preview dialers allow agents to personalize conversations and research what’s required to close more deals. However, agents may run into issues like busy signals, voicemails, and disconnected lines, reducing productivity.

2. Power Dialer

After agents finish a call, power dialers instantly and automatically dial the following telephone number. To avoid running into an invalid number or disconnected lines, the power dialer will only distribute a call to an agent once it’s answered, or the dialer will automatically move to the next number.

Widely used for cold calling and telemarketing purposes, power dialers help increase the number of calls per hour, reduce the risk of dropped calls, and typically integrate with customer relationship manager (CRM) platforms to improve lead management. However, it does require live agents to answer every call and is often more suitable for remote call centers.

3. Predictive Dialer

Using a machine-learning algorithm, predictive dialers decide when an agent will be ready to take the next outgoing call and automatically dial the numbers based on availability. A few benefits of predictive dialers include:

  • Improves agent productivity and conversion rates

  • Increases the calls per agent with more talk time

  • Offers better flexibility for business needs, which allows you to scale the solution as needed

  • Integrates into CRM platforms to provide a better customer experience

  • Boosts contact rates and agent utilization

While predictive dialers can help improve agent efficiency, they can also lead to higher abandon rates above the 5-8% industry average and compliance issues from calling records too often. If the software over dials for the number of agents available, the person could drop the call because no one answered on the other end in a timely matter. To avoid this, set realistic call rates per agents and pre-record quality voice messages to introduce the business and avoid annoying the customer.

4. Voice Broadcasting

While voice broadcasting has been available for decades, it’s still an effective way to reach ideal prospects and deliver automated voice recordings. Typically, organizations send personalized pre-recording voice messages or text communications for each recipient.

A few voice broadcasting features include:

  • Power dialer features to call recipients automatically

  • Personalized messages depending on whether it’s a live call or answering machine

  • Text-to-speech capabilities to better personalize the call

  • Opt-out notices that allow recipients to choose whether they want to hear from businesses

  • IVR features to engage with prospects depending on their response

While video broadcasting isn’t suitable for every campaign, it can be beneficial for surveys, appointment reminders, and event invitations to help boost your company’s efficiency.


Call Center Auto Dialer Systems: Everything You Need to Know in 2022 Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

Top Features of Dialer Systems for Call Centers

Once you’ve selected the type of auto dialer software that meets the business need requirements, it’s essential to find software that includes specific features to help improve the agent’s performance and help meet KPIs. For example, your platform should minimize after-call work, occupancy rate, and handle time to enhance the customer’s experience.

It should also include automation features, integrate with a CRM, offer ease of use, and be generally affordable for businesses. Here are additional top auto dialer features that the software should include:

1. CRM Software Integration

With the CRM market growing 10% in 2020, over 91% of companies now utilize the technology to manage account records and improve call quality. CRMs give agents insight into what transpired in previous outbound calls and track any special customer statuses beyond the caller ID.

Call Center Auto Dialer Systems: Everything You Need to Know in 2022 Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

A quality auto dialer platform will integrate with CRM software to provide the agents information before the call starts and record data afterward for later analysis. For example, it will automatically detail the call length, upsells, recordings, and more to leverage for future conversations to close more deals.

2. Call Recording

Depending on the compliance restrictions in your industry, like HIPAA or HITECH, call recording is essential to monitor and report on whether agents follow proper regulations. Call center auto dialer systems often warehouse recording data for an extended time. Recording all agent calls can protect businesses from legal liability and help train call center representatives more effectively.

3. Coaching Tools

Call monitoring technology has been used in centers for years to help train agents and allow upper management to listen to customer calls. While using call monitoring for onboarding is effective, many dialer platforms also offer coaching tools to help agents improve their handle time and customer engagement.

Modern auto dialer coaching tools include whisper and barge features that help the agent improve in real-time without the customer knowing the difference. The technology allows agents to improve their performance and will enable managers to step in during complex situations that need more guidance.

4. Voicemail Pre-Recording and Detection

Auto dialers are effective because they can connect reps to live respondents instead of reaching a constant voicemail. However, with technology like answering machine detection (AMD), the software can also leave a pre-recorded message to boost occupancy rates. The technology uses machine learning to detect phrases like “sorry I missed your call” or “leave a message” to determine whether an actual caller is on the line.

When call centers complete outbound communication, AMD technology helps reduce call abandonment rates and ensures brand messages or critical information stays top of mind with customers.

5. TCPA Compliance Requirements

Similar to compliance rules like HIPPA, some regulations protect customers from businesses abusing automated dialing platforms. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) charges firms between $500 to $1,500 per incident for too many calls, and they may face wrongdoing lawsuits through customer litigation if it reaches a courtroom.

Auto dialer technology helps our centers stay TCPA-compliant by integrating with the Do Not Call (DNC) Databases and providing safeguards around the other calls. For both cloud and standard call centers, TCPA requires:

  • Not to call anyone before 8:00 AM or after 9:00 PM for all time zones

  • Not to call anyone on the National Do Not Call (DNC) registry

  • No to perform automated calls to cell phone numbers when the receiver has to pay for the call

  • Not to perform recordings or artificial voice calls without consent

  • Not to call hospital or emergency telephone numbers

  • Not to call patients or rooms at health facilities

However, these rules have a few exceptions depending on the industry and business purpose.  For example, manually dialed calls without pre-recorded messages are exempt, along with non-profit organizations. Laws also vary state-to-state.

Call Center Auto Dialer Systems: Everything You Need to Know in 2022 Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

12 Best Subscription and Free Auto Dialer Software for Your Business

Now, not all subscription and free outbound dialer software is created equal. If you want to run a thriving outbound call center, you’ll need to invest in the right technology platforms to help meet business needs. Whether opting for cloud-based or in-person operations, it’s essential to choose a platform that offers flexibility and scalability as consumer preferences continue to shift.

Call Center Auto Dialer Systems: Everything You Need to Know in 2022 Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

To get started, here are the top subscription and free auto dialer software platforms on the market today:


GOautodial is an open, accessible, and web-based platform that offers a full suite of features. As an omni-channel application, it provides integrations for admins, reports, and agents to help streamline processes through third-party integrations.

Key features:

  • Predictive dialers

  • Call recording

  • Call center and contact list management

  • Scheduled callbacks based on triggered events

  • Live chat functionality

  • Queue and ticket management for customer service

  • CRM integrations

  • Modern technology standards like Asterisk, HTML5, and Bootstrap3

  • Supports Chinese and Russian languages


For complete call center management, VICIDial provides both manual and predictive outbound calling services for enterprise organizations. By servicing over 14,000 customers across the globe, the software can handle over one million calls per day by industries such as insurance selling, political polling, and patient follow-ups.

Key features:

  • Call recording, IVR, and pre-recorded voicemails

  • Call logging and scripting

  • Call queue management

  • Real-time analytics and reporting

  • Digital administrative features for admins

  • Personalized inbound call alerts and on-hold music

  • Updated Do Not Call list


With predictive software capabilities, OSDial is an open-sourced licensed platform that supports unlimited customers depending on the business server. OSDial includes a file transfer protocol (FTP) that copies server files and connects phone calls to an outside network. While the platform is relatively inexpensive and customizable for call centers, businesses will need an additional service to store recorded calls, which is especially important to remain compliant.

Key features:

  • Call center management, recording, and transfers

  • Campaign control

  • Predictive dialing features

  • Scheduled callbacks with list and script management

  • Agent-specific analytics and reporting

  • IVR capabilities


If you’re searching for an all-encompassing autodialer, ICTBroadcast provides both predictive dialing, power dialing, and an open-source technology platform. With a built IVR design studio and Asterisk open source for communication purposes, the platform utilizes multiple integrations like public switched telephone networks (PSTNs) and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems suitable for small businesses.

Key features:

  • Call management, recording, and scripting

  • IVR capabilities

  • Queue and lead management

  • Contact management with CRM integrations

  • Live call monitoring and training features

  • Pre-recording voicemails and voicemail detection

  • SMS, email, fax, and voice broadcasting support


Supporting Windows and Mac platforms, Calley is a free auto dialer system that offers mass outbound calls and is best suited for beginner call centers to help boost productivity. The cloud-based system provides a digital interface, with preview and predictive dialer features, and a user-friendly platform on desktops and mobile devices. However, the technology does not place calls via VoIP on the desktop and requires agents to download the app first before automatic dialing can begin.

Key features:

  • Call center and contact management

  • Call recording and scripting

  • Scheduled callbacks and cool-off time for agents to maintain records

  • Auto speed dialing and call pausing

  • Real-time analytics and reporting processes


As a leading CRM platform used by millions of companies, Bitrix24 offers multiple integration benefits for communication collaboration, projects, human resources, and more to help manage business needs. The auto dialer technology can be used on both Mac and Windows platforms and supports 43 countries, third-party integrations, and marketplace apps.

Key features:

  • Lead and customer management

  • Call recording

  • Third-party integrations, helpdesk, and ticketing features

  • Active rep reports and real-time analytics

  • Sales automation with quote management

  • Video calls, conferences, contact forms, and chat features

  • Project management and task automation


Voicent is an auto dialer platform that offers customizable pre-scripted messages or pre-generated voice features to contacts for the organization. For example, the technology will play a pre-recording script to records or on voicemails in real-time with the option to route the call to a live agent if requested. Useful for lead generation or notification campaigns, Voicent can make unlimited simultaneous calls to increase call rates and awareness.

Key features:

  • Call center, campaign, and contact management

  • Scheduled callbacks, call recording, and scripting

  • Real-time analytics and reporting for better lead management

  • IVR capabilities

  • Text to speech features with personalized features


Used as a call center management platform, CallHub includes multiple different auto dialer types based on the business campaign objective, demographics, and budget parameters to increase agent productivity. Callhub is a cloud-based platform that tech teams can install in less than five minutes with personalized campaign features to help improve KPIs. Ideal for political campaigns, non-profit organizations, and lead generation outreach purposes, CallHub serves thousands of customers across the globe.

Key features:

  • Power and predictive dialer features

  • Reporting and analytic features to collect data on all calls

  • Call center, contact, and campaign management

  • Lead management and scheduled callbacks to help optimize

  • IVR and voicemail recording capabilities

  • Queue management

  • Integrations with third-party platforms like Action Network, Blackbaud, NationBuilder, and Salesforce


By easily integrating with most CRM systems like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zendesk, Nextiva provides a flagship VoIP auto dialer platform for enterprises. Businesses can choose to segment lists within the CRM and selected call campaigns to speed up the entire process instantly. Providing everything from chat, video calls, voice, and texting features, Nextiva allows you to streamline outbound calling to help save call center reps time.

Key features:

  • Call recording, queuing and routing

  • Call analytic and reporting features

  • Free local and toll-free numbers

  • IVR capabilities

  • Compatible with desktops, mobile apps, headsets, and more


The platform Five9 claims to help boost conversions by 300% with a customizable platform that reduces the time agents wait to take the next call. The software offers predictive, power, process, and preview dialer types and helps businesses maintain strict compliance requirements. Additionally, Five9 offers omnichannel capabilities to fuse all call center touchpoints such as channels, data, reports, and workflows to increase productivity.

Key features:

  • List and campaign management

  • Interaction analytics and reporting features for performance enhancement

  • Gamification

  • Call and screen recording

  • Agent scripting and post-call surveys to optimize future campaigns

  • Pre-built CRM integrations like Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, Zendesk, and more

  • Virtual and agent assistances

  • Speech-enabled IVR capabilities


With VoIP dialing features, PhoneBurner provides a cloud-based software ideal for remote enterprises that don’t require equipment. PhoneBurner easily integrates with CRM platforms so call center managers can easily track records and optimize sales campaigns. Along with power dialing call features, PhoneBurner also sends emails and text messages to provide accounts with more automated touchpoints.

Key features:

  • Contact, call, and campaign management

  • Workflow automation with reporting and analytic features

  • Lead and queue distribution management

  • Collaborative onboarding and training to help ramp new agents

  • Dedicated administrative portal

  • Local caller ID numbers

  • Third-party CRM integrations


If TCPA regulations pertain to your industry, RingCentral is a full-service technology platform that ensures your business won’t face legal issues. RingCentral is compatible with all mobile and desktop devices, allowing agents to get up and running quickly without losing productivity. Additionally, the technology platform offers video calling, text messages, and audio conferences for up to 100 participants.

Key features:

  • Progressive, predictive, and preview dialer capabilities

  • TCPA safe dialing and compliance features

  • Call recording and scripting

  • Contact, call, and campaign management

  • Third-party CRM integrations with Zendesk and Salesforce

  • Productivity integrations with GSuite, Microsoft 365, and Slack

NICE inContact

For larger enterprises looking to scale, NICE inContact’s auto dialer technology provides a predictive functionality to increase agents’ time talking to customers and prevent fewer hang-ups. With digital omnichannel capabilities and reporting, the platform offers workforce and customer journey management features to improve the overall experience.

Key features:

  • Call and contact management distribution

  • Digital channel integrations with third-party integrations

  • Voice, text, and chatbot features

  • Analytics and reporting capabilities

  • Call and voicemail recording

Improve Call Center Efficiency with Auto Dialer Software

Call centers across the globe have modernized operations with automated technology. For outbound call centers looking to increase productivity, auto dialer software helps provide a better customer experience and improves internal lead routing processes. While there are plenty of technology platforms to select, it’s essential to pick software that includes automation, analytics, and CRM integrations to help your center become efficient at closing deals quickly.

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