October 7, 2019

TCPA Compliance and Call Center Regulations

TCPA Compliance and Call Center Regulations Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

You know how important it is to comply with the TCPA as a business owner in order to protect your company. When implementing new technologies and procedures, it is crucial to follow federal laws. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website is a great resource for finding out more about TCPA. The first step for business owners is to determine how to implement a TCPA-compliant strategy that will allow them to adhere to the law. First, educate your call center employees about the rules and regulations. You may also need legal assistance to understand your obligations.

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Call Centers Must Follow TCPA Guidelines

Unsolicited calls to landlines and cell phones are prohibited by the TCPA regulations. Your contact center must know the difference and avoid telemarketing that uses these types of numbers. You should only use automated dialers when it is required. If you don’t use an IVR, you should ensure that you are not violating TCPA regulations.

In addition to establishing an opt-out option, you should make sure that your contact center is using call recording software to track opt-outs across all channels. This will ensure that consumers do not opt-out of future calls. Also, you should ensure that your call center uses a DNC. This is a list of numbers not to call that you should not call. You should also make sure to check the federal Do-Not-Call List if you plan to use DNC.

TCPA Guidelines Apply To Text Marketing

The TCPA also applies to text. The guidelines for robo-texting should be followed if your plan is to use text messaging to reach consumers. To reduce the risk of being sued for reassigned phone numbers, you should also check out FCC’s Reassigned Number Database. You’ll need to abide by the TCPA as well as CAN-SPAM Act. Also, follow the guidelines regarding header information within emails.

A whiteboard is another effective method to ensure compliance with the TCPA. It is a good idea to avoid keeping sensitive information on mobile devices. A whiteboard is a great place to keep sensitive information. You can also use a computer to run automated marketing campaigns. These are all a part of TCPA compliance, so make sure you follow these guidelines carefully. As a business proprietor, it is essential that you are aware of all TCPA regulations. It’s impossible to miss out.

The TCPA does not allow companies to send text messages and broadcast auto-dialed calls to cell phones. To ensure compliance, call centers must separate landlines from cell phone numbers. To conduct telemarketing activities, call centers should use automated IVR dialers. Moreover, pre-recorded messages need to be personalized. The TCPA also bans automated voicemails not containing the name of the customer.

While the TCPA compliance guides are often updated, FCC and FTC still issue new rules. These guidelines are important for preventing robocalls and abuse of outbound calls. A reliable contact center software supplier is essential if your company wants to remain in compliance with the TCPA. A contact center software provider should be available if you own a call center. The service must meet TCPA compliance.

Obtain Consent from Customers in Writing

A great TCPA compliance plan requires you to obtain consent from consumers in writing. The TCPA imposes strict guidelines on text messaging. Before you send a text message, check that the caller has consented. You can also download a TCPA-compliant script from the TCPA website. The TCPA also requires a proper set of setup and testing. Failure to comply could result in a fine.

Although it can be difficult to ensure compliance with the TCPA, it is possible. It is easy to ensure your call center software provider adheres to the law. It doesn’t matter if your company has a few employees or a large company. You need a strategy to ensure that your company is compliant with the TCPA. If you have a small staff, it is best to hire an agency offering flexible working hours.

In addition to obtaining consent for TCPA compliance, healthcare entities should collect and maintain the consumer’s consent in writing for all promotional and financial communications. They should also comply to rules regarding autodialers and the DNC registry. These regulations require that call center operators comply with the DNC registry. If your organization does not comply with the TCPA’s requirements your customers’ trust may be at stake. It may be time for a change if your policy requires that your team collect and maintain permissions for marketing and advertising.