May 18, 2020

5 tips to get better Facebook Lead ads results

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Facebook is THE social media platform, and Facebook Lead ads can be an ultra-valuable tool for marketers.

With close to 2.5 billion monthly active users, 90 million business pages and 7 million advertisers, if you’re not on Facebook, are you even doing PPC? .

With an ecosystem like this, Facebook has implemented a feature for business pages and advertisers to reach potential customers called “Facebook Lead Ads,” another lead generation tool to help advertisers. 

What are Facebook Lead ads?

Facebook Lead ads are ads that appear on users’ feeds or stories on Facebook. Unlike traditional Facebook ads, Lead ads do not send leads to a landing page, but rather to a pre-populated form within Facebook itself. 

Facebook leads ads are a convenient way to get the contact information of potential customers through data already collected by Facebook, and help leads overcome the tediousness (and apprehension) of manually filling out a form on a third party website. With most if not all fields pre-populated in the form already, potential customers only have to click “Submit.” Easy peasy, and all done within Facebook. 

In addition, Lead ads are optimized for mobile, capturing the audience of 88% of Facebook users who browse on a mobile device. Lead ads appear in Facebook News Feed, Facebook Stories, Instant Articles, In-Stream Videos, Marketplace, Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories.

This is a win-win situation for everybody on the platform. Facebook delivers an outstanding business experience for both user and advertiser.

The user is able to receive more information from the seller or business by just clicking a few buttons.

The business is able to receive leads from potential customers, validate the leads, and build a customer database. With this type of information, they can then create lookalike audiences based on the leads that convert.

With this type of database, marketers are able to reach more potential visitors and boost their conversion rates.


Facebook Lead ads examples 

Facebook Leads ads can take many forms, including but not limited to a quote or demo request, a limited time offer, a newsletter subscription, an event registration, or a contest ballet

Facebook gives you the ability to create them quickly. Generated leads can be synced directly into a CRM or an Excel sheet, allowing marketers to efficiently take further action on those leads. 


How can I generate leads on Facebook?

Generating leads on Facebook doesn’t have to be complicated! 

Within your business ad account, create a new campaign.

Then on the campaign objective, choose the “Lead Generation” option.

5 tips to get better Facebook Lead ads results Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

After this, set up your campaign just like you would a regular Facebook campaign. The only difference comes in the process of creating the ad itself.

In this section, you’ll need to create the ad with the proper form.

5 tips to get better Facebook Lead ads results Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

Once everything is set up, you’ll start receiving new leads.

Since Facebook doesn’t send leads directly into your email, you’ll need to download them from the leads manager or use a tool like Zapier so they are sent to your email.

5 tips to improve your Facebook Lead ads

Now let’s look at 5 tips to improve your Facebook Lead ads campaign.


Tip #1 – Keep it short, keep it simple

Keep your initial text short.

People on Facebook (or any social media platform) tend to have short attention spans when reading text. Don’t overwhelm your audience; retain their attention by keeping your ads short and sweet whenever possible. 


Tip #2 – Offers in the ads

Include offers in your ads.

People love a deal and the perception of “winning.” Whenever there’s an incentive, there’s an interested visitor.


Tip #3 – Test different texts

Test, test, and test. (And when you think you’re done, test some more.)

The beauty of the Facebook Ads platform is that you’ll be able to test different ads and approaches. You will also have the opportunity to check all your campaigns metrics and make proper decisions based on those metrics. The more you test, the more information you’ll have and closer you’ll be to creating the perfect Facebook Lead Ads.


Tip #4 – Quality before quantity

Go for quality leads.

It may seem tempting to create a short form so a higher amount of leads are generated, but then you risk ending up with a bunch of low quality leads. So while it’s still important to keep your ads to a reasonable length, balance that with keeping in mind that your goal is to obtain a certain level of information on your leads. Be concise with your information and what you’re offering to your potential customers.


Tip #5 – Integrate with other tools

Integrate Facebook Leads Ads with other tools.

Facebook gives you the ability to connect your leads campaign with several tools outside of Facebook to get the most out of your leads.

One of the most useful tools is Zapier.

With Zapier you’ll be able to send your leads automatically to different platforms. This is necessary since contacting your leads as soon as possible has a significant impact on overall campaign performance.

A common problem that businesses confront about Facebook Lead ads is difficulty getting ahold of the person that fills out the lead. The sooner you act on the information they’ve provided, the higher your chances are in making them convert.


Facebook Lead Ads contact solution

The second leads come in, the clock starts ticking on the window for a marketer to make contact. The longer you wait, the more difficulty you will face converting your leads.

With Pipes, you’ll be able to contact leads in near real-time. Thanks to our proprietary A.I. dialing pattern, the Pipes system will contact leads right away the moment they come in.

Pipes is able to improve the contact rate of your leads immediately. That way your team can concentrate on closing deals and increasing revenue. Pipes integrates with Zapier to handle the FaceBook Lead ads that come into your system, connecting with your leads in real-time and boosting your conversion rates.