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October 21, 2019

Call Center Customer Attrition And Retention Rates

The Customer Retention Rate of a call center is an important indicator of the success of the service provided by the contact center. In addition to customer retention, a high CVR also means that the customer is likely to return. Retaining customers is easier than acquiring new customers. Typically, a salesperson will only have a… View Article

October 5, 2019

Call Center Efficiency Metrics- Call Center Productivity Formula

There are many methods to increase efficiency in your call center. The following tips will help you improve your performance. You can increase your occupancy rate. This number shows how many agents are occupied during a call. High occupancy rates are a sign that agents are overworked. They take too long to pick up new… View Article

October 6, 2019

Call Center for Financial Services Telemarketing

The financial services industry has never had a greater need for personalized customer service. E-Consultancy’s study of digital trends in the financial sector concluded that personalizing the customer experience was the key to 2018. Financial services companies can offer the personalized service they customers want with the help of a call center. For large financial… View Article

October 5, 2019

Call Center Market Research: Benefits of Outbound Survey Call Centers

Detailed analysis of the global call center market is essential for companies and organizations seeking to expand their operations. A detailed analysis of the global market for call centers is essential to companies’ business strategies and future growth. The research also presents key statistics on the industry, including the size and growth of the market…. View Article

October 3, 2019

Call Center Metrics Analytics And Reporting Best Practices

Call center metrics can be a great way to measure your business’s growth. This metric can be used to measure your business’s progress, depending on what goals you have. If your goal is for all calls to be answered within two minutes then a high average hold-time can indicate that agents are not performing as… View Article

October 19, 2019

Call Center Services & Outsourced Call Center Pricing

The cost of call center services varies widely. They can range from $15 per hour for a bare-bones service to more than $65 per hour for a fully-staffed contact center. Your specific needs and budget will determine which one is best for you. You should also consider the value of the service. The more services… View Article

October 19, 2019

Call Center Turnover Rates – Causes of Attrition in Call Centers

Call center workers are often subject to attrition. This is especially true if employees are leaving because of poor performance, bad attitudes, or other reasons. However, the cost to attrition is different for different types of employees. Some attrition is advantageous, while others can be harmful. This article will address the causes of attrition at… View Article

October 15, 2019

Call Centers for Automotive

Car call centers can be a great way of saving time and money. Outsourced call centers are usually staffed with experienced operators who are trained to identify customer concerns. These professionals are more likely to provide accurate and courteous responses to consumers than inexperienced operators, who can make mistakes and waste valuable time and resources…. View Article

January 2, 2024

Catching Up with AI Competitors

Many sales companies have recently implemented AI, and if your business doesn’t have it yet it’s easy to feel behind. It’s tempting to want to purchase the first AI you can find to stay relevant in today’s technologically competitive landscape. However, implementing AI without careful planning could lead to job elimination, legal compliance issues, or software incompatibility. What are the best ways to avoid these common AI pitfalls?

October 4, 2019

Cheap Call Center Services. How to Find Cheap Call Center Outsourcing

There are many reasons to outsource call center functions. But the most important is to save money. While offshore call centers are often cheaper, domestic centers have more robust infrastructure, effective software, and accent-neutral agents. They are also more flexible in pricing and offer better customer support. If you want to avoid high offshore call… View Article