October 18, 2019

What is Predictive Dialer in Call Center?

The use of a predictive dialer reduces the downtime of sales agents and improves ROI. It eliminates ringing and voicemails and distributes the workload equally among all agents. The system also integrates with CRM software, allowing agents to connect with a larger number of customers, thereby increasing the possibility of closing more sales. However, it… View Article

October 16, 2019

What Are Some Call Center Productivity Metrics?

Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction is an important metric to focus on. The higher the satisfaction rate, the better. In fact, the goal of every call center should be to solve 100% of the customer’s problem on the first contact. Another important metric is the average speed to answer. This metric measures how long agents take… View Article

October 16, 2019

What Is ASA Call Center Metrics? (FAQ)

ASA is a measurement that measures how long agents spend answering incoming calls. ASA only takes into account calls that are answered. In other words, the longer an agent takes to answer a customer’s request, the lower the caller satisfaction rating will be. However, average handle times do not indicate the efficiency of a call… View Article

October 16, 2019

What Is A Call Center Customer Effort Score?

Customer Effort Score (CES), is a measure of the call center’s ability to handle customer queries. The CES score is calculated by dividing how easy customers find the process from how difficult they find it. This metric can help improve customer experience by showing how much time agents spend answering customers’ queries. However, it can… View Article

October 16, 2019

How To Measure Call Center Customer Satisfaction

It is important for call center customers to be satisfied. This metric is also known as the customer satisfaction indicator’ and is the most important measure for call center performance. It measures the satisfaction of customers with the service provided by the phone center. Customer satisfaction can be measured by feedback or surveys. A good… View Article

October 15, 2019

How to Choose an Outbound Campaign Provider For Call Centers

A call center inbound provider should have a strategy that suits your company’s specific needs. For more customers, a well-planned campaign strategy is vital. Inbound campaign providers can help you get more calls and sales. If your campaign is well-planned as well as executed, you will see a higher success rate. Here are some tips… View Article

October 15, 2019

What is the difference between outbound and inbound calls?

There are two main types of calls: outbound or inbound. Outbound calls are only received by sales reps. Prospects, leads, and existing customers receive outbound calls. Outbound calls can be made by sales representatives. Both types of calls have advantages and disadvantages. Inbound calls are more difficult to manage because they are generated using different… View Article

October 15, 2019

Call Centers for Automotive

Car call centers can be a great way of saving time and money. Outsourced call centers are usually staffed with experienced operators who are trained to identify customer concerns. These professionals are more likely to provide accurate and courteous responses to consumers than inexperienced operators, who can make mistakes and waste valuable time and resources…. View Article

October 15, 2019

Free Debt Collection Software Downloads and an Agency Dialer

If you’re trying to make your call center more efficient, you should consider an agency dialer. These tools combine email, text, and phone calls to create a more effective call center environment. Try out a trial of either one to find out if they’re a good fit for your business. These tools can help your… View Article

October 15, 2019

How to Save Money With an Automated Phone Calling System

Using an automated calling service can be a huge time saver. Instead of manually dialing and sorting calls, you can have the automated calling software send recorded messages to your customers. This feature can either be sent immediately or later. It will appear like a normal phone call, and the recipient can simply press a… View Article