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March 15, 2023

3 Biggest Obstacles in the Lead Gen world

Lead generation is an essential component of any business that aims to expand its customer base and increase revenue. However, it’s no secret that lead generation can be challenging, with several obstacles that businesses face in the process. In this blog post, we will discuss three obstacles in the lead generation industry and how Pipes.ai… View Article

October 19, 2019

Call Center Turnover Rates – Causes of Attrition in Call Centers

Call center workers are often subject to attrition. This is especially true if employees are leaving because of poor performance, bad attitudes, or other reasons. However, the cost to attrition is different for different types of employees. Some attrition is advantageous, while others can be harmful. This article will address the causes of attrition at… View Article

October 10, 2019

How to set up a call center at home

One of the best ways to start a call center from home is to learn how to use the software. You can monitor your work remotely and track the metrics that matter to you. You may be able to view metrics by day, month, or year, depending on the software. There are a variety of… View Article

January 21, 2020

Inside Sales Outsourcing & B2B Lead Generation

Inside sales outsourcing is a great way to manage your inside sales team. Outsourcing your inside team of sales professionals can reduce training and hiring costs, and allow you to focus on your core business. An outside provider already has a sales team, which is much better than hiring full-time employees. This service will save… View Article

January 17, 2020

Inside Sales Outsourcing, B2B Lead Generation

Inside sales outsourcing is a great option if you’re looking for a way to effectively manage your internal sales team. Outsourcing your inside sales team will allow you to reduce training and hiring costs and allow you to concentrate on your core business. A service provider outside of your company already has a team full… View Article

October 7, 2019

Interactive Connection Agency

Avatar’s call center is a great choice for businesses, thanks to cloud-based call center software. This service offers inbound and outside call center services, predictive phone dialer, webphone, and CRM services. In addition, the Avatar dialer offers the most productivity of outbound dialing and can engage agents with multi-channel campaigns. Its superior quality assurance makes… View Article

January 25, 2020

Power words for call center phrases

The call center phrases should convey the right message. Carefully choose the words and tone, and then script them. Referring to the Golden Rule (Karma), or the Law of Nature will make a good impression on customers. Remember that the moral arc bends toward justice, and using the words and tone of an ethical company… View Article