October 2, 2021

LiveVox CCaaS 2.0

LiveVox CCaaS 2.0 Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.


10 percent of contact centers will select Contact Center as a service (CCaaS) in 2019. LiveVox provides CCaaS 2.0, which is a great CCaaS alternative. With CCaaS 2.0, LiveVox can give you all of the features and functions you require in a customer service solution. These include WFO, analytics AI, omnichannel, and.


There are numerous benefits of using a CCaaS platform. One is that you can save money on the infrastructure and labor costs that are typical of traditional contact centers. For traditional contact centers to be successful, they’ll require dedicated staff and regular maintenance. When you move your contact center to the cloud, you’ll be able to reduce costs and increase profits. Your service provider will also cover any unplanned events.

The earliest CCaaS solutions allowed agents to sign in using the internet using a browser. This cut down on maintenance costs while maximising flexibility and scalability. These solutions also relied on Voice Over Internet Protocol technology (VoIP), which lets you make and receive calls from traditional phone numbers using internet-based services. These initial solutions were limited in terms of their capabilities, and development times were long. Today, CCaaS solutions are natively built on the cloud and integrate other capabilities, like social media and video telephone.

Traditional contact centers were once flexible and flexible and scalable. Today’s customers want consistent, personal service. Automated responses and unprofessional customer service aren’t acceptable. With a CCaaS platform it is possible to scale customer service to meet customer expectations and save money. You can scale as much or as little as you require without the need to set up additional infrastructure. Cloud-based contact centers can assist you in improving customer service, lower costs and increase efficiency.

CCaaS platforms also allow you to use self-service solutions for a variety of reasons, including convenience. In the e-commerce industry customers prefer to talk online . However, in the healthcare sector, live agents communicate through email and phone. CCaaS platforms allow employees to work remotely from their homes and are designed to keep customers happy while freeing up live agents to perform more important tasks. The CCaaS platform is an ideal solution for organizations that have several different products and services.

The CCaaS service can help you improve customer service. Agents can work from anywhere and receive better direction throughout a call. This will ultimately lead to better satisfaction of employees and better customer retention. CCaaS platforms also make it easy for you to collect essential performance information. With their precise reports and insights, you’ll have an easier understanding of your agent’s performance. Furthermore, CCaaS solutions help you track wait times of customers and manage large call volumes.

CCaaS platforms also help you reduce the cost of IT staffing. They also streamline billing and cut downtime. They can help you manage compliance and security while offering flexibility. CCaaS platforms are provided by various software companies, therefore you’ll have to shop for one that is suitable for your needs. You’ll be grateful you did. If you aren’t yet an convert, CCaaS might be an excellent choice.

CCaaS solutions can reduce IT costs by eliminating the requirement for expensive servers and software. You only pay for what you need. This eliminates the need to make large upfront investments. With CCaaS, your IT resources can be transferred to other projects, while the vendor takes care of the infrastructure and manages maintenance, upgrades and support. This is a win-win-win situation for you and your customers.