November 22, 2021

Client Manager Software

Client Manager Software Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

Client manager software is vital for any company. The right software can help solve a variety of these issues. This article will discuss Keap, Dubsado, and Capsule CRM. We will also talk about FreshBooks the client management capabilities. These programs are extremely useful for many companies. If you’ve been looking for a client management software for your business, we recommend Keap.

Capsule CRM

If you’re looking for a CRM software that manages clients you should explore Capsule. Capsule lets you build a customized sales pipeline. It tracks opportunities as well as user activity and monitors team activity. It also provides reports that let you monitor your sales cycle, make informed decisions and provide comprehensive information. These reports show everything from how long a lead can take to get to the amount of time you spend on each task. It can be used to establish goals for revenue and monitor the performance of your team.

Although Capsule comes with an unpaid version, it is only capable of holding 250 contacts. If you’re looking to store more contacts, you can upgrade to a paid plan. You will need to pay an 18 dollar per month per user which is quite costly when compared to other CRMs. However, you can take advantage of the free version for a short period of time to see whether it can meet your requirements and budget. Zapier can be used to connect Capsule with other applications. This allows you to create new sales opportunities directly from your spreadsheet, without having to log in to the software.

Another great benefit of Capsule CRM’s CRM is the ability to import contacts from a spreadsheet or CSV file. It is also secure and guarantees to never release customer data to any third-party. Additionally, it integrates with Microsoft 365 SSO and Google Workspace SSO. The program also has built-in backups and restores deleted records. In addition, Capsule CRM has been made compatible with Google Workspace and can also be integrated with Gmail.

The Capsule CRM client manager software offers extensive user support for its customers. It comes with a comprehensive user support portal that offers tutorials and articles to help users learn about the software. There are videos that demonstrate the advanced Capsule CRM functions. You can also access an online support portal, a list of popular articles, as well as a mail form. It shouldn’t take too long to receive the assistance you require.


Dubsado, a business-management software program, is a great choice. The program automates workflows in business and assists you in managing clients and projects. It can handle books and finances, and even create contracts or embed forms. It also allows you to create and edit forms as well as emails. It can also manage contacts and create task boards. It is simple to use and users will be able to swiftly find answers.

Dubsado costs only $35 per month for three clients. You can even get free trial of 30 days and three clients can be managed by it for no cost. It can be customized and allows for three users. The interface can sometimes be somewhat confusing. The program doesn’t have a mobile app. To access it, you’ll require a web browser.

The software also comes with powerful invoicing options, allowing you to quickly create custom payment schedules for clients. Dubsado supports Stripe, Paypal, and Square, and it helps you manage your relationships with clients. This software can also help you automate repetitive tasks, such as making proposals and forms for your clients. Online contracts can be legally binding by adding an electronic signature. Dubsado’s white-labeling feature allows you to use its contact form templates for your business.

Another excellent feature of Dubsado’s is its capability to automate tasks. Instead of manually writing emails, Dubsado allows you to create templates and assign them to various clients. You can then schedule these emails with the autoresponder feature. Dubsado comes with an automated scheduling feature similar to Calendly. It allows you to connect your lead capture form and also attach invoices.

The process of getting started using Dubsado is easy. You can sign up for a no-cost trial. Signing up isn’t required any credit card. Just click here to sign up. You can sign up for a discount by using my referral link. It’s not required to pay in advance to implement the software in your business. Sign up for the free trial to save as much 30 percent in the first month or year.

FreshBooks Client Management

FreshBooks is a fantastic choice when you’re using a different software package to manage your clients. The client management software comes with numerous features to manage your clients, including a custom onboarding process. Once you have signed up, FreshBooks asks you a few questions to help you get started and alters the layout of the site. Three steps will be needed to establish your account. This includes adding items and clients. After these steps are completed you’ll be allowed to close the setup window and start using the new software.

The FreshBooks client management software comes with an extremely effective project tracking feature. To begin a project, you’ll need to select the billing method and give it an appropriate name. After you’ve made your choice you can assign others on your team, such as employees, admins contractors, managers and managers. You can also assign projects to clients outside of your organization and then enter the client’s hourly budget and end date. FreshBooks allows you to monitor and manage the entire process, from start to finish.

Prices for different plans could vary. The FreshBooks Plus plan allows for billing up to 50 clients and includes features such as automatic payment reminders late fees, payment reminders. Although the Premium plan is more expensive, it offers unlimited billing for clients as well as additional tracking and analytics tools. If your clients are many it is possible to opt for the FreshBooks Select plan, which costs $150,000 annually. The Premium plan is intended for companies with more than 500 clients and/or more than $150,000 in annual sales. FreshBooks offers a custom pricing that is based on your business’s size and needs.

FreshBooks and Capsule sync together. However, the Capsule sync process creates duplicate contacts when you have different spellings of a name. To avoid this it is recommended that you update your address prior to the synchronization process. This will remove the requirement to manually import contacts into both systems. Both platforms let you look up your contacts and assign them to different teams. This will save you time and avoid duplicate work.


Keap’s advantages and features are likely to be appealing to entrepreneurs. Keap is a client-management software that integrates email marketing Customer Relationship Management, email marketing, and invoicing. It lets you track leads and transform them into customers. It keeps track of customer information, their marketing history, and other tasks, making it easy to manage every aspect of your business. This is a look at the most popular features of Keap.

This program is great for small companies that want to make use of Keap. It collects contact information from a variety of sources, including your company phone number. It organizes your messages and prompts you to take actions. To discover what it has to offer , you can get a free trial. You can even chat with the program and get answers to any questions.

Keap also offers support. Keap has a phone number that is available 24 hours per day and 7 days a week, and even weekends. Keap offers a large knowledge base and 24/7 live chat. Keap can answer your questions or resolve any issues you might have using the software. You can also join the Keap official Facebook group to receive individual advice and tips. If you’re still not convinced by Keap don’t hesitate to reach out to the CEO of the company Clate Mask.

Keap offers many benefits for small businesses, from email marketing to marketing automation. It comes with a business telephone line and text messaging, and lets you set up automatic processes for new leads. Keap keeps a record of client data including payments as well as quotes and conversations. It’s simple to integrate Keap with other software for business, such as Quickbooks and HelloSign. Keap can help you expand your CRM or find a solution for your business issue.

Another feature of Keap is its broadcasting feature that lets you send one-off emails to a list of contacts. Keap is similar to Mailchimp and Constant Contact. You can segment your contacts so that you can send targeted broadcasts. You can even create custom segments for specific lists. You can also exclude specific people from other lists, for example partners. It is simple to send a broadcast directly to a specific list and not worry about other lists.