November 21, 2021

Call Centre Analytics and Calabrio ONE

Call Centre Analytics and Calabrio ONE Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

Call centre analytics allow companies to understand their customer data and share it across departments. By linking all data sources, the company can easily align goals and strategies across the entire business. Call centre analytics can also aid in developing better customer relationships. Call centre analytics can be used by marketing teams to instruct agents about promotions. Moreover, they can staff their call centres with the right people when a promotion is in full flow. This helps to ensure an excellent customer experience.


Invoca announced new capabilities for companies that use Invoca’s call center analytics. This allows companies to quickly collect conversational data and immediately take actions. The company explained how its call analytics platform helps customers track every step of the buyer’s process, from initial contact to purchase, at the 7th Annual Invoca Summit. This is especially helpful for businesses with long sales cycles. Invoca’s technology helps businesses analyse and comprehend trends in call volume to maximize the staffing.

Invoca is used to improve attribution and discover the root causes of problems in their call centre. Invoca was introduced to two divisions of the business: one of them answered 30% of all calls received, while the other was able to respond to 17 percent. The third division responded to 70% of all incoming calls. CHG Healthcare was able reduce their CPA by more than 60% and improve conversion rates by using Invoca’s Call center analytics. The Invoca AI platform also enabled CHG Healthcare’s pay per-call (PPA) and CPA ratios to grow.

Invoca’s active conversation intelligence platform can help identify opportunities to convert. In addition to the reduction of unnecessary service calls it can also improve customer satisfaction and allow agents to spend more time on sales. It can also cut costs by reducing unnecessary calls. Invoca’s artificial Intelligence and advanced tools for analysis of conversations will aid in improving efficiency in call centers and maximize customer satisfaction. It also helps companies reduce costs. So, prepare to transform your company with Invoca’s call centre analytics platform.

Invoca’s native CRM integrations let users to transfer call data to CRMs and push opportunity stage information to their call tracking platform. Customers can connect Invoca with any internal tool or system with Invoca’s flexible APIs. You can even export data from Invoca to any other application. Invoca offers a variety of benefits for business owners. It’s worth a look. Don’t forget to sign-up to get a trial for free today.

Invoca’s Call Center Analytics system powered by AI, provides real-time data to marketers. Using Invoca’s call centre analytics solution, marketers can make well-informed decisions that improve the ROI and increase conversion rates. Marketers also have access to conversations occurring via the phone. Marketers can also use this data to send it to Google Ads. Search Ads 360 can block ads for those who purchase items via phone.

Invoca allows you to improve the effectiveness of paid search campaigns by using call center data. Its Offline Conversions integration allows you to assign dynamic phone numbers to visitors. Call-based analytics can improve your paid search results and boost conversion rates. Furthermore, you can utilize the data from call centres to optimize your marketing campaigns, including online and paid search. This helps you better understand which ads are effective and which ones have to be changed to get the best results.

Calabrio ONE

Calabrio ONE is a unified workforce optimisation suite that includes call recording, quality management, workforce management, voice-of-the-customer analytics, and advanced reporting. This solution lets businesses analyze and record every aspect of customer interaction such as complaints, satisfaction, and customer retention. In addition to call recording, Calabrio ONE also includes voice-of-the-customer analytics and automated sentiment analysis, which are essential in identifying areas of improvement in agent training.

Desktop Analytics helps you keep the track of recordings of calls using the automatic feature to pause and resume calls. This feature lets you quickly identify calls where an agent enters a credit-card field and then record the agent leaving the field. The software also includes desktop event triggers that permit analysts and managers to use recorded calls to report on and search. This feature lets contact centre managers to monitor and improve the performance of their agents by preventing problems and identifying inefficiencies early on.

With Calabrio ONE, customer feedback is automatically transcribed, which provides contact centre leaders with reliable data on sentiment that they can use to drive business strategies that are centered around customers. This sophisticated software also assists contact centers evaluate their customer experience and improve their products and services. While many contact centre managers are skeptical of investing in analytics solutions however, they are unable to wait until they are available. The benefits are too compelling to pass up. If you’re interested in setting up an automated call center system call us today to learn more about Calabrio ONE.

Todd Marthaler has been in the field of contact centers for over 25 years. Prior to joining Calabrio He worked as consultant for two top contact center software companies. Todd is a consultant in contact center analytics and has also been in charge of multi-channel operations at Fortune 500 companies. He is consultant and has been involved in the formation and implementation of workforce planning teams.

Tammy Marinac is the product marketing manager at Calabrio. She has more than ten years experience in the telecom and web analysis industries. She has also worked in the legal, healthcare and government sectors. Tammy is most content when she is able to influence changes in people’s thinking. When she isn’t helping businesses, she’s spreading the word about software that will make their lives better. The software she’s selling has changed the way people think.

Organizations that want to expand their customer service offerings can benefit from speed-to-market development. When combined with Calabrio powerful tools, powerful tools tap the voice of the customer and uncover valuable insights that help businesses tackle issues. These analytics can ultimately assist in generating value for the entire business. You’ll be able to focus on improving customer service based on feedback. That’s what makes Calabrio ONE stand out from the crowd.

Without analytics for the call centre, contact centre leaders are missing out on critical insights. Despite the importance of analytics for customer service, contact centers often don’t have the resources to implement them. In addition to being cost-effective, they don’t require dedicated data analysts. Calabrio ONE allows contact centre managers to start their journey towards improving customer service by implementing best practices. Proactive outreach, as an example can improve customer service by identifying customers who require extra attention or follow-up. Monitoring performance can help to improve the quality of service provided by agents by changing colors after a certain level of performance is exceeded.

Calabrio ONE enables managers to assess the performance of their agents and improve customer satisfaction using predictive analytics. Calabrio ONE correlates call volume data and customer satisfaction metrics to determine the most effective staffing. Based on this data the software automatically adjusts agents’ schedules. This process takes place in near-real time, providing the contact centre manager unprecedented anticipation insights. If you are ready to increase your call center analytics to the next level, contact Calabrio today.