October 1, 2019

How to Choose the Best Call Center Management Software

Call center software can be complicated, especially for small businesses, but you can find an easy-to-use program that fits your needs. Choosing one that is intuitive will help you save time and money. Agents will need to easily navigate through the system, so make sure it has a user-friendly interface. If your company does not… View Article

October 1, 2019

Top Call Center Metrics & Inbound Call Center Measures Examples

Call center operations aim at reducing the number of calls ending in busy signals. IVRs and auto-transfer systems can be used to reduce the time spent on hold. The best metrics for call centers balance the need to serve customers and the need to operate within budget and efficiently. Teams should measure several metrics, including… View Article

October 1, 2019

Common Call Center Metrics & the Call Center Productivity Form

Call volume is one of the most important metrics when evaluating your call center’s performance. This is a key metric in determining staffing needs. Managers may underestimate the number and end up overworking their agents or putting customers on hold. This is not just a wasteful way to spend money, but also inefficient. While some… View Article