December 12, 2021

3 Cloud-Based Call Centre Platforms

3 Cloud-Based Call Centre Platforms Use AI technology to turn web leads into live calls for your sales team.

Cloud-based call centres provide the flexibility of adding users as you require without the need for additional wiring or configuration requests. Cloud-based solutions allow you to start small and grow as your business expands. On-prem voice systems force you to grow from day one. You must upgrade each time you add new locations or increase the volume of calls. Cloud-based call centres allow you to add locations or customers. Cloud-based call centers are able to accommodate more users than traditional voice solutions.

Ameyo is a cloud-based call center, is currently available

Ameyo is a cloud-based call center platform that focuses on data-driven and automated decision-making. It is compatible with third party systems and other business applications, allowing comprehensive views of performance and enabling agents to access data and analyze it in real time. It is flexible and lets users tailor business processes according to their particular requirements. To learn more about Ameyo’s features go through the article.

Ameyo’s solution for inbound calls offers a unified view and history of customer calls as well as customer data, allowing agents edit and modify customer information at their convenience. Agents can quickly grasp the context of calls thanks to the integration with computer communications. It also integrates with CRMs that are enterprise-grade which allow companies to access information in real-time. Ameyo is capable of handling large numbers of calls which decreases the risk of customer fraud. It also enhances the first call resolution.

Ameyo’s Cloud Contact Center is easy to use, and has user-friendly interfaces that increase the capabilities of the existing contact center software. With its cloud-based capabilities that can be scalable it is able to increase or decrease its capacity according to what is needed. Businesses of all sizes could benefit from its cloud-based call centre software, that provides an environment that is secure for sensitive data. It’s also designed to accommodate different languages and is highly customizable.

Cloud call center software can provide a wide range of voice communications tools that can be accessed through the internet. Its cloud-based architecture allows users to connect agents with customers from across the globe. The platform is compatible with a variety of applications such as live chat, and Google Business Messages. It is essential to make the necessary changes to the cloud-based phone centre solution and use it to benefit your business.

Five9 is a cloud-based call centre

Five9 is a cloud-based call center that may be right for you. Its intelligent call routing and AI-powered omnichannel solution allows your agents to effortlessly switch between multiple channels including email and telephone. This platform features powerful features such as agent scripting, voicemail, and advanced performance management. It can even handle toll-free numbers. It’s cloud-based 100% and works with unstructured data, and is capable of supporting local and toll-free numbers. Five9 also supports DNC Compliance and features like speech recognition or text-to-speech.

Five9 offers a wide range options for any business such as inbound and outbound call routing, AI powered chatbots, and integration with computers. Clients can integrate Five9 with CRMs, analytics, and performance management software. The platform is flexible and adaptable. Additionally, the platform is capable of managing all these functions without compromising security or usability. The platform’s expert team works closely with customers to improve their business results and operational processes.

With the assistance of Five9’s cloud-based call center software, businesses can easily set up a highly effective and efficient contact centre without wasting time or money on training and installation. Agents can access Five9’s Agent on any computer with an internet connection. They can use the portal or a well-known CRM to manage customer interactions. Agents can also connect to third-party software, such as email and web-based CRMs. The software offers pre-built plug-ins with the leading CRM systems.

The cost for Five9’s cloud call centre starts at $185 per month on a monthly subscription basis, and includes long distance charges. Flexible payment options are offered in addition to volume discounts or annual-term contracts. Customers can also take advantage of free trials of the cloud contact center without having to use a credit card. Begin using the cloud contact center now if you aren’t sure if this is the right choice for your business.

The company is largely business-to-business, with 2,000 clients worldwide and over 7 billion minutes processed each year. Its recent growth has come from employees who are feeling pandemic-related symptoms. However, the contact centre business of Five9 could become a revenue stream for Zoom after the outbreak has eased. It’s a great fit for Zoom. It could even help boost Zoom’s earnings.

AWS Connect

If you’re considering bringing your call centre to cloud and then learn more about AWS Connect for cloud-based call centre. This service can provide many benefits, including increased agent efficiency as well as machine-learning capabilities. Its capabilities address the problems associated with traditional call centers. Amazon Connect is a service which allows you to increase your call volume in accordance with your needs. You only pay for the time you spend speaking with customers. AWS Connect Wisdom will let agents search through knowledge repositories and discover solutions to issues associated with speech recognition.

The new features will be available to all AWS customers on Tuesday. The company is also allowing customers to request two of the three services in the “preview mode” until they’re ready utilize the services. The features are free to test and companies don’t have to spend thousands to get these services. However, Amazon Connect can give companies a competitive edge. There is no need to eliminate your call center’s existing infrastructure because of the numerous benefits.

AWS Connect for cloud-based call centres is a serverless, cloud-based service that allows distributed teams to work from any location. It connects agents to customers and manages all aspects of customer service. It also allows you to build complex routing systems with diverse customer inputs and divergent paths. AWS Connect cloud-based call centre can be used to assist retailers during peak shopping periods such as Black Friday and holiday shopping.

Amazon Connect is easy to setup and use for cloud-based call centers. There is no need to employ any special staff members. You can set up and configure the Virtual Contact Center in a couple of minutes. AWS AD and non-AWS AD are available for managing your agents. It also comes with an account URL that allows agents to login and manage their accounts. You have the option to create an admin user. IAM users can also serve as the admin user. Other administrators may also be added in the event of a need.


A cloud-based contact center is a solution for businesses that utilizes a combination of core technologies to handle different communication channels. Apart from voice calls it is able to handle SMS and email, live chat and social media, among other. It provides workforce optimization leads playlists, complete IVR and workforce optimization. Below are the most important benefits of a cloud-based contact centre. They are highly efficient in boosting your business sales and satisfaction scores.

ReadyMode is a complete CRM and VoIP solution that empowers contact centers and telemarketers with advanced features. The cloud-based platform lets call centres to manage leads and outbound campaigns, and determine lead close rates. The intuitive predictive dialer allows agents at call centers to increase the number of leads they generate. It also includes CRM integration capabilities as well as personalized training sessions. It is also reasonably priced and comes with a variety of attractive features.

In comparison to call centers that are onsite cloud-based call centers offer greater disaster protection. Disasters can disrupt the call center’s operation and damage its hardware. Additionally, cloud call centers have geographical redundancy which ensures the continuity of service center operations. Employees can work from any location with an Internet connection. If there is an natural disaster cloud-based call centre can continue to function without disruption. It also allows remote workers to work from any location.

ReadyMode cloud-based call centre gives the ability to tailor the platform to meet the needs of specific customers. Its features that can be customized let users organize their leads, and show their availability. It also offers an option to customize IVRS and call queuing and voicemail management. In addition, it allows users to prioritize their queues inbound and to distribute calls. It’s customizable and affordable for companies of all sizes. With the ability to modify its features and configure the features to meet their requirements, ReadyMode offers a free trial for users to try the platform and gain more information about it.